Wednesday, May 24, 2006

brown eyes


Jenny said...

this is great!! super-awesome and all that jazz. thing is i mist kill you, as there is only room for one jenny who can doodle. sorry! :o)

Jenny said...

i meant "MUST", but you get the idea.

Danielle Abel said...

This sketch is absolutely adorable and at the same time beautiful! I can see this has been posted for a while, but it's never too late to comment. :D

I was running a search for photo reference for brown eyes for a photo-realistic human model I am working on right now, and I found this. A happy accident I'd like to call it. :D I was so happy to hear that you work at Dreamworks!

I graduated from the Art Institute one year ago and am currently looking for a studio job as a character animator or modeler. I hope to someday work at Dreamworks, it has been a goal of mine for five years and counting! Hopefully soon I won't have to count anymore :D.

My name is Danielle Abel by the way. You can see some of my work at or see my sadly ignored blogger page
Who knows, maybe I will meet you someday!

- Danielle <3