Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another Cintiq sketch. After I drew it it seemed to me to resemble a coworker of mine--though her ears are certainly nowhere near this size. Whaddya think, guys?

Speaking of that tablet: I was actually sitting painting(yes, painting) at my cintiqless table at home this past weekend--and I found myself reflexively reaching out with my left hand to hit the "undo" button! My fingers jabbed at nothing in the air, and I bit my lip in frustration.

You catch yourself doing that, you figure you'd better get your hands good and dirty with graphite again.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

local birds

One of my neighbors walks her macaw(leash-free, no less!)on the sidewalk in front of our house every weekend, then sits with him out on the porch. I haven't been officially introduced to him, but I feel I know him as he is very, very vocal. Macaws are LOUD.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

3 Bettys

Way back when "The Notorious Bettie Page" was released, there was some little picture on the sidebar of Yahoo or somewhere of Gretchen Mol dolled up as eponymous Bettie; she looked pretty darn close, all things considered(no one could fully capture Miss Page, just as no one could capture Marilyn--or for that matter, anyone--completely satisfactorily). Just for fun I doodled (on the Cintiq) a version of Mol-as-Page, then did another doodle from that one, then a third from the second. Um, there's not much difference...obviously I find it almost physically hard to push things into caricatureland...but I kind of dug the 3 versions anyway. And they all look like Gretchen Mol if they look like anyone, nothing like Bettie--save the hairdo.
I find Bettie to be very difficult to do justice to; she's truly a one of a kind beauty, just sparkling. And of course an amazing body--shapes that work together so well, she might have been designed by an artist. A living doll.

And I still haven't seen the movie.

Gretchen #1


and 3: