Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Really, really a scribble

...and I'm not kidding. Actually I was just warming up and daydreaming and remembering this great, ubiquitous Degas statue. When I first saw it at LACMA as a 3rd grader I liked it for its personality-and, I admit, the mannequin-like quality of it too--she had real tulle on her skirt and in her hair.
I believe the Norton Simon in Pasadena also has a copy. Years later I read an article somewhere(The NY Times I think) all about these girls, how many there are aroiund the world and the unique problems involved trying to maintain a bronze with 100 year old "clothes". I could google her to see what she really looks like but I resisted the temptation-I just wanted to draw-and now I'm kind of loathe to peek and see if I got anywhere near her pose. I know she isn't anywhere near this long, that's for sure.

Friday, September 05, 2008

sketch redux

clickez-vous to enlarge
An old page(15 months old to be precise)-one of my early cintiq mass doodles.
Really, I have to break in the home cintiq properly. It's got some bugs to be worked out, but this weekend--watch out. I mean, truly: duck.