Monday, February 01, 2010

This is a rarity among the drawings I've posted here in that this one was drawn using a photograph of songwriter/performer Joanna Newsom as my model. I found it via Nico's's terrific site, liked it and pulled it up on one of the two monitors on my desk(the one that's in front of me being the one I draw on, the Wacom Cintiq). The photo was small and over to the side but I just wanted to glance over at it and freehand it for fun, not copy it(always a bad idea to "copy" slavishly as I'm sure you know).

Like the other drawings I post the idea is to just put down whatever I get and if I like the results at all--post it. As with the rest of my posts, if a drawing doesn't come out well I delete it and start another one rather than fuss with it.

The thing here was to get an impression of a stance and attitude. This photograph had a lovely posture, better in real life than I managed here but them's the breaks.