Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The quintessential California girl? Well, I was born in California and these girls sure seemed like aliens to me.
I think they do all look like this in Texas, though--Texas, and the Hamptons.

negotiating the stairs

Idly doodling on the cintiq; my friend Dave D. took some video while visiting my horses at the barn; his 3 year old(well, almost 3)is quite a cowgirl--even if she doesn't see why she shouldn't rather be called a horsegirl. The end of the video has a shot that looks sort of like this...I'm just really thrashing around with the pen/stylus, and thinking of that shot. I'm wearing a really puffy vest, btw. ; )

For a change...

A drawing actually done on paper--what a concept!
As you can see, when the model is lacking in life drawing, there's usually a great subject not far away. I wish this wasn't cropped, but oh, those scanners.