Wednesday, August 02, 2006

negotiating the stairs

Idly doodling on the cintiq; my friend Dave D. took some video while visiting my horses at the barn; his 3 year old(well, almost 3)is quite a cowgirl--even if she doesn't see why she shouldn't rather be called a horsegirl. The end of the video has a shot that looks sort of like this...I'm just really thrashing around with the pen/stylus, and thinking of that shot. I'm wearing a really puffy vest, btw. ; )


the doodlers said...

Charming! I like that you seem to be paying much attention to the little girl and sh'e just trying to get where she wants to go.

Jenny said...

Ha! You're sharp! Thanks!
That's exactly what was happening there.
I can't believe you nailed that...that's made my day--or maybe I just got lucky there! ; )

the doodlers said...

Hi again! Was delighted to read your comment on our blog this morning, Jenny. You definately nailed this drawing. No trouble figuring out what was going on here. You caught it!

Cheers again! ~Arna