Tuesday, March 20, 2007

playing with a different tablet/different program

Boy, it's weird using a different tablet/laptop/tool/program! But I like the brush look in Alias Sketchbook...it's just this PC thing that throws me. Aargh! I feel like I've never used a computer before. Takes some practice, I guess.

I'm having fun, that's the main thing. Thanks, man(you know who you are)!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Standing rant

Okay--this isn't meant as some kind of a decent drawing(how's that for a disclaimer, heh).
I was just thinking how much the current vogue for standing fashionably bugs me. You've all seen it--everyone does it: all the ladies on the carpet stand pigeon-toed. And as far as I can tell, it's really unflattering. Yet, it's supposed to be the "best" way to stand to flatter oneself. Jeez.

So, on the left: the Way To Stand from the golden age of Hollywood(for the purposes of argument, 1919-1965).

On the right, the pigeon-toed thing.

There are even books out there that advise us everyday slobs that if we want to look slim, elegant and well, slim: stand with your arms akimbo, your pelvis tilted back and your toes pointing at each other. How awkward can you get!
The old fashioned style is so much prettier, and makes anatomical sense...look at any posed photo of Marilyn Monroe, for instance: she always crossed one leg slightly in front of the other and bends her knee; it makes for a beautiful, graceful shape from the waist down, makes the legs look longer, and slims from the widest part of the hips down to the feet. How on earth is spreading your legs apart wide enough that you can point your stilettoed toes at each other supposed to slim anybody? It's the red carpet emperor's new clothes as far as I'm concerned.