Monday, April 30, 2007

Paris when it sizzles...

La-la-la-la...guess where I'll be in a month?

Paris. Where I have never ever been yet. Ye gods!

And so, since I have the City of Light on the brain pan, I was doodling my memory of Chantal Goya(who I was watching in a darling Youtube interview over the weekend). Naw, she doesn't look just like this--it's just "inspired by".
She was in Godard's "Masculin Feminin", a great film. And of course she was a great yeye singer, a pop star of France in the 60s.

Anyone have a place of thing they want to recommend in Paris? Seems everyone's been there but me!
I suspect I'll be drawing a lot of Eiffel towers.
Or more yeye girls.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


1960 hat

I love vintage hats. This is a portrait of a recent find, beckoning me from its stand across the room while I was doodling on the hp, drew hat first--girl underneath second. Not really the way to do it, but otherwise one might not know what it was supposed to be. The HAT, I mean.

riding into town

Another hp tablet thing.