Monday, June 26, 2006

more Lilo and pal

Here's some drawings I did as suggestions for that "Stitch Has a Glitch" project from several years ago. "Quick and dirty", as they say, but eh! Don't anyone think I'm posting these as some beauteous examples, mind you--just to show some ideas.
The plot involved Stitch--AKA experiment #626--having a "sell-by" date that was getting close to expiring, resulting in his reversion to an unconsiously nasty meanie; the story crew played around with the idea of the "glitches" Stitch would have at odd moments and when they might occur. Here Lilo and Stitch are up late watching a monster movie(that part already in the story); I have Stitch glitching/hiccupping--Lilo thinks he's had too much popcorn, not realizing that his electrical charge has zapped the TV off.
The others are what happens when Stitch has a glitch that causes both him and his soda to fizz. The end gag was my personal tribute to "The Exorcist", if anyone remembers that scene. Click the drawings to see them up close(r).

Sunday, June 25, 2006

fun to draw

Just for antikewl: reposted page of early doodles I did when working on the "Stitch has a Glitch" story crew. I posted this back in the early days of my Blackwing Diaries blog, too, but likely no one sees it now. What the heck, they're drawings.

It was one of those videos, but the story crew worked exactly as a feature crew does; we pitched out scenes and had a great amount of freedom to mess with scenes and/or the script(yes, there was a script). I loved working on this--I had fun and talented coworkers, and best of all got to draw these characters, some of my all-time favorite character designs(by Chris Sanders, of course). My scenes in the finished film are mainly the "search for Elvis's bench/inspiration" sequence, plus some other hula-related stuff, plus other things I can't remember now. It seems like a decade ago. Maybe I'll finally post some boards here...the trouble with that is that the panels are large enough that it'd require a lot of recopying to scan them.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006



Inspired by the lovely work of Donnachada Daly.
This isn't me, by the way. I just think there are fewer more beautiful subjects than women expecting children(even if it doesn't always feel so lovely).

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jungle Book

When I was a kid, my favorite movie was "The Jungle Book". In fact, it was much more than a movie, it was a lifestyle. These were the days before video, when the best a kid could do was beg his parents for the soundtrack album and play it...over, and over, and over again. In hindsight, I think that wasn't half bad(although naturally I wonder what would have happened to my brain if I had been able to see it more than twice during the first 7 years of my life); I was forced to use my imagination: there was Baloo, there was Bagheera, there was King Louis, each in a corner of the living room(assuming no one else was home; my older brothers couldn't stand that kind of thing). We lived in Orinda, California, on a property that sat on a typical bushy hillside. There was a particularly lush area tucked away between the steep, curving driveway and the house, with a picture perfect, Indian-looking sort of banyan tree with a horizontally curving branch. I'd drag out an old velvet robe of my mom's, pin under the sleeves(paws!), tie the belt so that most of it trailed after me(tail!)--and pose myself on that branch, pretending to be Bagheera. But most of the time I'd be Mowgli--naturally. I had a pair of bright red underpants, and I once blithely sallied out into the backward, wearing nothing but the pants, and swung on the trees, etc. until the lady next door saw me and called to ask my mother what the hell I was doing. Shameless! Well, gee, I was only 4.