Thursday, June 08, 2006


Eddie Fitzgerald said...

These lines and simulated washes remind me of the way pencil drawings used to look when benzine was applied to them. Some artists used to dip their pencil points in benzine which melted the tips a little and gave the lines a fluid, painterly quality. I love that look! You're the only person I know who manages to get cintiq drawings to look like that!


Marlo Meekins said...

eddie knows things! i love the way you draw. So much freedom. look at the hair!

Drawings tell you a lot about a person's personality. I'm sure you are as happy and free and fast-paced at your drawings!

You know i posted a comment about your Jungle book post? it didn;t come up! wah! I just mentioned that i could relate. when the little mermaid came out i went insane! she was even a redhead! i made tails out of anything! trashbags, sleeping bags, sheets knotted just right!

i read your post and i couldnt help but have second hand post-worry that you were safe in your backyard! weird huh? I guess i'm approaching child-bearing age and i get feeeeelings.


hey are you married to an artist? i think i saw somewhere that you had kids.

i'm romantically doomed, myself. but that's another story