Wednesday, March 14, 2007

backstage dramatics


Kali Fontecchio said...

YAY Louise Brooks or someone like her!!!!! I like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

Yes, miss Brooks...I only started out to draw the hairdo(I had one friend back in NYC who really pulled that bob off, and she had a very different face from Louise-thoguth I'd draw her-but the gorgeous one will out, no helping it).

You know, I still haven't seen "Pandora's Box"? I'm really embarrassed to admit it. Ah, well at least I still have a film to look forward to. I want to wait & see it in a theatre, though.

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I was gonna ask if it was anyone specific becasue it looks liked a star from the 1920s or soemthing, but Kali answered it.

Jenny, you've got one of the best, most economic uses of line I've ever scene, and probably some of the best thick & thin as well. I love how her leg to her shoulder is one arc!

What happened to that really hot beatnik poet chick? I never got a chence to comment on it, but it was probably my favourite one of yours so far.