Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Really, really a scribble

...and I'm not kidding. Actually I was just warming up and daydreaming and remembering this great, ubiquitous Degas statue. When I first saw it at LACMA as a 3rd grader I liked it for its personality-and, I admit, the mannequin-like quality of it too--she had real tulle on her skirt and in her hair.
I believe the Norton Simon in Pasadena also has a copy. Years later I read an article somewhere(The NY Times I think) all about these girls, how many there are aroiund the world and the unique problems involved trying to maintain a bronze with 100 year old "clothes". I could google her to see what she really looks like but I resisted the temptation-I just wanted to draw-and now I'm kind of loathe to peek and see if I got anywhere near her pose. I know she isn't anywhere near this long, that's for sure.


david santos said...

Really fantastic posting.
You are Master!!!

Alex said...

I know the one you mean, and you have the legs and arms much how I remember them, I believe she was looking up too.

I actually tried to capture that style in Lego once. Turned out okay in a 5" figurine.

David Nethery said...

Dang, Jenny ! When are you going to animate something on that magic tablet of yours ?

"Scribble" ? That's a rough animation key.

Jenny Lerew said...

David-thank you-'master' I'd say I am not, but you've made my day!

Alex-those legos poses are cool!

David-thanks! You too have made my day. Believe me, if and when I animate anything I intend to do it this way, more or less. Not because of laziness, but I love the rough look and it's so seldom seen. There are some rough "tests" that are among the most amazing things I've ever seen on film in animation. What it takes of course is a good animator to do them. That's the real key. ; ) I've got a long way to go, as Buddy Rich would say. But it'd be a fun task to toil over for a short.

Dave Pimentel said...

when I pulled the site up on my iPhone the pic was pretty small. I noticed the sillohuette of one of the most famous and recognizable sculptures by degas! I thought you had just been studying as I've done in years past. It's a wonderful capture that you've done that makes me feel so happy and inspired. Only one who really has studied that amazing art price can do what you've done with such grace and economy- I'd certainly love to see more:-)

TheZealot said...

I look at your work often, but I rarely post; the poetry you scribble across your parchment is enough to keep my brain at the end of my pencil on a weekly basis. Thanks!

onydag said...

oh so inspiring. best.


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