Sunday, October 14, 2007

laptop again


Stray Neutrino said...

I like this cat!

It reminds me of the simple sumi-e sketches Japanese ink artists do. Simple, clear lines expression form and motion.

You've inspired me to unpack my old Wacom and consider purchasing Sketchpad.

Phil said...

Hi Jenny - I love jumping into your blog every now and again to feast my eyes on your beautiful sketches.

I'm wondering, do you use a Tablet PC, or just a desktop Wacom tablet?

And what software do you sketch in???


Alex said...

If only I could find this on a greeting card - perfect for mothers day.

Vanwall said...

The rather defined shading goes surprisingly well with your usual fluid lines - it's not easy to make it look so casual; well done.

Tony Guaraldi-Brown said...

i saw your profile pic on don shanks profile, it caught my eye. i'm glad i can to your blog, very nice work. great lines and that's a really nice cat drawing.

Kristin said...

Love it! Simple, yet such a nice flow to the composition. :) It's always a pleasure to peek in on your blog.