Friday, September 14, 2007

When I was five

I too was a child, once. Here's proof.
Everyone in the class had to contribute to a book the teacher mimeographed. One girl was an especially gifted artist--her drawing was as developed as a 12 year old's--a good twelve year old. She was a big inspiration to me. She certainly would have been an artist, I think(she took it very seriously--not surprising given her talent), but she died shortly after this in a swimming accident.

This is but the top half of the page; the bottom picture that accompanies the lower "story" (of the girl who believes her family consists of sky, flowers and clouds--including my almost-perfect spelling of colors on a lot of large house paint cans)was too messed up to post--even worse than what's here.


Vanwall said...

Geez. Mimeos...Fanzines. !! As a lad, I always liked ditto better, just for that wonderfully curious smell.

Not bad for a fiver, kid - kinda like Tomasina Terrific, ('specially the feet!) meets Philip K. Dick.

Jenny said...

Dittos! THAT'S what this was! It even smelled purple.
Philip K. Dick and Tom terrific! Now that's a high compliment. Thanks!

Tal Moscovici said...

Hey, that's better than I draw now...Awesome!

艾迪 said...

Great extract.

Marlo Meekins said...

AWWWWWWW i love these drawings!

katzenjammer studios said...

Haha, kids drawings are always FUN.

hey jenny, i recall you said you were working on possibly animating something. i think with one of those great dogs you draw. any chance we could get a preview? i'll be your best friend

Bob said...

My aunt sent me a similar clipping (of blackmail) from my past. I don't know what grade it's from (1st? 2nd?), but in this little essay... despite all the earthquakes, I couldn't wait to move out to California to meet all the "hot chicks".

Hope all is well!


Jenny said...

Hey BOB! Love your blog, fella! Yeah, things are okay. I owe you a call! Thank you for leaving me such a nice message. I've been nuts lately.