Wednesday, September 06, 2006

doodling again


Peeweesgrandkid said...

Do you know jeff pidgeon?????
Why is he no longer posting??????

Jenny said...

I just looked at his blog and he posted new stuff this week. Hope that helps. : )

P.S. he has a "new" blog(not the old Blogger one)--maybe you don't know about it. The link on and my page leads to the new one.

Peeweesgrandkid said...

thank you very much jenny!

milo said...

Awesome work! Love the style u have! Keep em comin;O)

Peeweesgrandkid said...

i hate to intterupt your blog, but when any of you get the chance, could you look at my art/doodles on my blog, Animation, art, and complexities of the world?

By the way, I love the expression on this particular woman.